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Numark Turntable $89

Sony Direct Drive Turntable $139

Scott Turntable  $109

Record player,cd, AM-FM, cassette $169.99


Stereo speakers, RCA jacks, AM-FM radio $89.99

USB, listen and digitize your vinyl...$99.99

Infinity RSE  $169

Bose 201  $89

Yamaha Turntable $109

100 ct 7'' paper sleeves 10.00

3 ml. poly sleeves 100ct. $20.00

The Entertainer   

Play and digitize vinyl, AM-FM, stereo speakers, RCA Jacks                                                       

Stereo speakers, RCA jacks, portable $99.99,

Acoustic Research $160


100 ct. 12'' paper sleeves $20.00

Clean the dust off your records $20.99

Gets your vinyl as clean as can be $79.99

Tech Table Digitizer

Get Grooving into vinyl with one of our new, cool, hip record players!

Yamaha Receiver  $89

Onkyo Receiver  $89

Pioneer Speakers $99

Denon Amplifier  $109

Pioneer Receiver $99

 Great spray cleaner $19.99

Discwasher  System 

The Ion

Phase Linear Tuner, pre-amp, amp. $450 Whole  Set!!

Sony Receiver   $250

Onkyo Turntable $79

The Spin Clean

The Ion Air